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Although we specialize in Design/Build projects, we also have extensive experience in Design/Assist projects. With the intent to maintain the project budget, we seek bid accuracy and clarification by providing cost options. We identify out pre-construction costs, interim-construction costs, and scope changes in a timely manner. In addition, we actively communicate with other trades to identify and solve problems before they occur – or create an extensive cost impact in both bid formats. Overall, we provide a cooperative workforce to accommodate the engineers’, owners’, and construction managers’ concerns.


What is Design/Assist?

Design/Assist is a construction method where the Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) Engineers of Record (EOR) are typically hired by the project architect. These EOR’s are responsible for the project’s design and they coordinate closely with the other design team members to ensure that the intent of the project is being met.

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Design/Assist Offers:

– Bid accuracy and clarification by providing cost options
– Cost-saving analysis options
– Trade coordination and overlay drawings for all critical areas with unique power systems
– Review of schematic design
– Investigation of all possible problem areas in terms of access, feasibility, and risk
– Early review of the specifications and design narrative
– Coordination, suggestions, management, and quality control/compliance
– CADD details and elevations for electrical rooms
– Light fixture specification inquiry, for application and cost
– Precise layouts and dimensions of electrical rooms and panel locations

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