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Design/Build requires specialized skill to cost-effectively design for the highest, yet realistic, level of end use while still allowing for future upgrades and expansion. Our electrical engineers and designers provide insight into potential changes during the design phase. They plan ahead and provide visionary solutions so that if facility changes or upgrades do occur, the cost is minimized.

We employ only the most experienced design engineers and project managers who have the ability to incorporate maintenance considerations into the design and implementation process. This value added service brings the owner and client short and long-term cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Design/Build Jobsite What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is a construction method where the owner hires one contractor that is responsible for taking a project from the design stage all the way through to completion. The contractor is responsible for the integrity of the design as well as the installation. Using this process the Summerfestowner is able to lower costs, save time, and increase quality.

The Design/Build process allows the project construction to begin even before the final design is completed. Changes and design adjustments can easily be made as the project progresses without unnecessary paperwork, cost increases, or lost time. This method allows for less hassle, value added service, and cost-savings without sacrificing excellence.


Design-Build Offers:

– Lower costs
– Time saved
– Increased quality
– Shortened development time, allowing for lower interim financing
– Ability to earn revenue from the project earlier
– Increased continuity throughout the entire construction process