Jim Buczek

Jim Buczek, Director of Prefabrication

Jim has been a major asset to Staff Electric for more than 23 years. He began in the field as a material handler back in 1993, and since then he has moved through the apprentice, journeyman, and foreman ranks in order to become Prefabrication Manager. Jim is highly focused and has established a standardized production line for the purpose of maintaining an organized and effective warehouse. His personal drive and perseverance aids in the constant growth and functionality of our prefabrication efforts.



Bob Reed

Bob Reed, Prefabrication Manager







Prefabrication at Staff Electric:

Prefabrication is the practice of creating components of a structure within a manufacturing site and then transporting the complete components to be assembled. Staff Electric provides electrical construction product prefabrication through our Prefabrication Division. Prefabrication is an invaluable resource to the Staff Electric Project Managers, Office Personnel, and Field Electricians. It has allowed us to raise the bar for project efficiency, making way for less lead and installation time and quicker project completions. Alongside large cost savings for our customers, quality and standardization are important advantages to our pre-fab installations.

Prefabrication ProcessPrefabrication Process
Prefabrication ProcessPrefabrication Process

Prefabrication Installation

Prefabrication Benefits:

Standardized product and installation methods, reduced labor, reduced downtime, and cleaner/safer work environments are just a few of the features and benefits the prefabrication division brings to Staff Electric. With the use of our extensive experience and commitment we will expand the use and capabilities of prefabrication further than any other contractor. With a wide range of possibilities, from branch power to Unistrut racks to the precise bending of feeder conduits, there isn’t a job too big or too small for this division.