Estimating & Engineering

Dennis DickmannDennis Dickmann, Chief Estimator/Designer

Dennis started his career in the electrical industry in 1989 as an apprentice and began running large-scale industrial and commercial projects by 1994. His ability to travel at the early stages of his career exposed him to projects and learning opportunities that have helped shape his design philosophies. From project beginning to project end, Dennis makes sure to fully understand the customer’s needs, from technical requirements to budget concerns. Overall, Dennis has the qualities of a cost effective and efficient estimator and designer.




Dave ArbeiterDave Arbeiter, Estimator/Designer

Dave has over 32 years of design and estimation experience, 23 of which have been spent with Staff Electric. Dave’s strengths come from his hard work, continued learning, team orientation, and client focus. His goal is to identify opportunities and solutions that will provide clients with cost savings and increased project value.




Nicholas HlavinkaNicholas Hlavinka, Estimating/Engineering Manager & Secretary

Nicholas started his career at Staff Electric in 1997, beginning with 3 years of design/build engineering and estimation training. This was followed with over 5 years of experience in the field as a project coordinator. Nicholas later returned to our engineering department to focus on growing and managing our BIM team. Since 2012, he has been managing estimating/engineering projects to accomplish a high level of understanding for the client.




Jim PedersonJim Pederson, Chief Estimator

Beginning in 1981 as an electrical apprentice, Jim continued his work in the field until 1993. After working in the field for a number of years, Jim moved into the office to start the estimation department of another contractor. Because of his advanced knowledge of the industry and prioritization of project completion, Jim advanced to Chief Estimator by managing multiple projects in Healthcare, Industrial, and Commercial construction. Jim began at Staff Electric in 2003 as a Chief Estimator where he would assign tasks to estimation team members, ensure estimation quote completion, coordinate with project managers as well as complete a number of other critical tasks.




Troy WilliamsTroy Williams, Estimator/VDC/Precon

Troy has been and involved in electrical design and CAD at Staff Electric since 2007, bringing a high level of focus and dedication to his work. Troy is proficient in all current versions of AutoCAD and Revit MEP. His responsibilities include the design, preparation, and implementation of electrical coordination drawings applying to Building Information Modeling, as well as estimation. Troy’s expertise and visualization skills are vital components of our pre-construction coordination process.




Mike SimonsenMike Simonsen, Project Development

Mike began his career in the electrical industry as an apprentice in 1988 and joined Staff Electric as a journeyman in 1993. He worked primarily as a foreman on large scale projects before transitioning to his current role within Staff’s estimation and design department. His strong bias towards technology adoption and the application of operation management methodologies combined with his extensive field experience has proven to be invaluable to all of Staff Electric.




Mike SurfusMike Surfus, Design Engineer

Mike joined Staff Electric in 1999 with over 18 years of design experience. Most of his experience was developed at a local consulting electrical engineering firm where he served as director of electrical engineering. A registered Professional Engineer, Mike’s technical expertise in systems and distribution, along with communication and organizational skills, had made him a valuable asset to Staff.




Theresa WeinertTheresa Weinert, Project Estimator

Following the completion of proper training at MATC for a 1 year electrical diploma program, Theresa integrated herself into the electrical industry by acquiring a position as a estimator in 2000. Since then she has become a fully trained estimator by participating and assisting in completing many types of projects ranging from small retail stores to large hospitals. She is a very focused, dedicated, and detailed hard worker that is an important part of the estimation team. Additionally, she seeks to continue her education regarding the electrical industry in order to maintain her edge on the competition.




Paul RuschPaul Rusch, Project Estimator

Paul began his involvement with the electrical field in machine control wiring with a large paper converting machinery manufacturer. He then worked for a small electrical contractor in both residential and small commercial projects. Next, he spent over 10 years with a large electrical contractor in Wisconsin, where after a number of years he was transferred into an office environment and trained as an estimator. As for Staff Electric, Paul has been involved project estimation for over a year of his 8 years total. His skills are a necessity as well as an asset for the Staff’s estimation team.




Jeff WeedenJeff Weeden, VDC Technician

Jeff began working for Staff Electric in the summer of 2013. Since then, he has eased his way into his role by having a steadfast focus on meeting the client’s needs in a timely manner. Jeff maintains control over the updating and organization of multiple asbuilt and CAD/BIM design files, with many new projects added each month.




Scott SchachScott Schach, Estimator

Scott started working as an apprentice for Staff Electric in 1985. Working in the field until 1997, it was then that he started assisting in field support, including estimating, administration, and CAD. Scott believes that continuing education is important in becoming a contributing member of the company team.




Randy RawsonRandy Rawson, Project Administrator

Using his background as an electrician and his B.S.E.E. degree, Randy’s had numerous responsibilities since starting at Staff Electric in 1990. From assisting with Project Management, Engineering, Estimating, Budgeting, Purchasing, Accounting or Administration, he defines what it means to be a Team Player. Whether it’s Staff Electric, the Construction Manager, or working directly with the Client, his support is beneficial to the successful completion of any project. Organization is the Key, “and you can’t start the car without the key.”



Robert MiickeRobert Miicke, Project Estimator

Robert’s position with a small electrical contractor began with working in the electrical business with his father in 1972. Since then, Robert has been working for some of the largest electrical contractors in the state. Utilizing his experience in estimation and project management, Robert plans to continuously input hard work and quality results in order to see success with Staff Electric for years to come.




Gary McKenzieGary McKenzie, Project Estimator

Gary is a detail oriented individual, new to Staff Electric, whom is being fully trained in Project Estimating. By shadowing and assisting his peers he works to coordinate bids with his fellow estimators. Gary will be furthering his training by attending classes and has plans to obtain his degree with full focus on electrical technology.