We are constantly searching for new innovative practices to help us be as time and cost efficient as possible. Our team members did just that for a recent project, in which they were tasked with the installation of roughly 37,000 feet of PVC conduit underground.


Continuing on the track of company improvement, the project team collaborated with our prefabrication department designing a plan to expedite the installation process.


Check out the photo below for what we came up with:

The new way to install underground raceways worked so well, that we have decided to implement this installation method on future bids, allowing us to bid more competitively. We plan on using this method on projects requiring underground conduit installations moving forward.


This truly is a perfect example of what Staff Electric is all about: being dynamic, analytic, and doing what it takes to get the job done.

  • Installed 37,000 feet of PVC conduit in 16 man hours (this includes prefabrication time).
  • No bench trenching was required because the duct bank was assembled at grade.


Take a look at some of the photo’s from the install:

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