Innovative Operations for Evolving Community Needs

Staff Electric has invested a century working in traditional power and light. This foundation has given us a remarkable perspective on this industry and an unparalleled level of expertise. Our services incorporate a time-honored approach of contemporary design, inventive technology and renewable energy.

The prowess of our highly-trained technicians allow us to see projects through to completion – no matter what challenges they may encounter.

Experience matters in this industry, but it is our commitment to our clients that makes us different. Project goals are focused on:

  • High quality
  • Low cost
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Reduced waste.

Staff Electric is prepared to get the job done properly the first time using whatever means suit the project best. This may mean sophisticated 3D modeling for design, prefabricated products for build-outs or old-fashioned elbow grease and construction savvy to overcome obstacles.

Our dedication is unparalleled, and our team brings a combination of creativity, ingenuity, skill and experience to every project – leading to optimal outcomes that become industry best practices.


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