Audio Visual Systems

Audio/Visual and Sound Solutions For Every Application

From meeting/event services to reducing distractions in an office environment, Staff Electric is well-versed in creating audio/visual and sound packages that focus the attention where it should be.

Small Conference Rooms/Huddle Spaces
Ideal for small groups in need of a more intimate setting, these spaces generally include a digital wall display, an A/V input and wireless capabilities. These amenities allow easy connectivity for a presenter or a team working on a shared task.

Medium-to-Large Conference Rooms/Board Meeting Spaces
If your facility needs to accommodate larger groups or board meetings, Staff Electric can design a space that makes these gatherings more efficient. We can integrate audio and visual capabilities and include sound reinforcement, video conferencing, wall mount displays, input connections and a centralized control system.

Ballrooms/Training/Flex Rooms
These spaces tend to house large-scale events or all-staff training sessions. This means that the space demands more complex audio/visual solutions. We can implement a high-quality sound system, specialty lighting features and video projection – all of which can work seamlessly to ensure clear communication. We also provide sound reinforcement, wireless microphone, motorized screen, projector, inputs and centralized control system for these large event spaces.

Digital Signage
Staff Electric offers a full range of digital signage technology, software and services. These signage products include front entry displays, wayfinding systems, room signage and video walls.

Sound Masking/Paging
Ideal for organizations looking to reduce distractions in open office environments, Sound masking ensures that employees looking for quiet work spaces aren’t disturbed. Mass notification, including music, bell tones, and prerecorded messages are also available for larger workspaces.


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