Experts in electrical construction and design/build since 1918


   Design/Build requires a specialized skill to cost-effectively design for the highest, yet realistic, level of end use while still allowing for future upgrades and expansion. Our electrical engineers and designers provide insight into potential changes during the design phase. They plan ahead and provide visionary solutions so if facility changes


  We have also worked extensively on Plan/Spec projects.  With these projects, bid accuracy and clarification are sought by providing cost options, with the primary goal to maintain the project budget. We identify with our pre-construction and interim-construction cost and scope changes in a timely way and provide a cooperative workforce


Although we specialize in Design/Build projects, we also have extensive experience in Design/Assist projects. With the intent to maintain the project budget, we seek bid accuracy and clarification by providing cost options. We identify out pre-construction, interim-construction cost, scope changes in a timely manner, and provide a cooperative workforce to

Technology Solutions

    Staff Electric possesses the expertise and experience necessary to seamlessly extend our services from electrical contracting to structured cabling design and installation. Our structured cabling team provides clients the major competitive advantage they need by being the “one-stop-shop” that completes multiple complex engineered projects from the start. Whether design/build, design/assist, plan/spec, or