Foxconn is a multinational, high-tech electronics manufacturer that produces electronic components for major companies. Several buildings are necessary to satisfy their needs, consuming 640 acres in Racine County as part of Phase I. Staff Electric won the bid for Foxconn’s BR3a Temporary Site Utilities, that entails installing a duct bank for distributing high-voltage power to 40 temporary jobsite trailers during construction.

Because this is a rather large site (only 27,000,000 square feet), we proactively manufactured and prefabricated as many components as we could offsite. This drastically made the install easier as we were able to deliver finished components to their exact install locations on site. We found ourselves constantly pivoting during this project, with plans having to change due to the sheer scale of the project, but were able to do so effectively and remain on schedule.

We’re proud of the work we’ve completed on what is currently the most high-profile project in Wisconsin, and we believe our ability to meet the Gilbane|Exyte’s demand and install for high-voltage power in critical areas will open up infinite opportunities for Staff Electric in the future.

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